It only matters what works for you.

This is a phrase I’ve been using for years.
What I mean by it is, the food we eat does not contain the nutrition be believe it does.

I don’t even mean the highly processed stuff that comes in boxes. Its pretty commonly known that things like breakfast cereals are ‘fortified’ because industrial processing strips out every potential nutrient that was supposed to be in the original ingredients so they have to add processed versions of the chemicals back in so they don’t read on paper as the nutritional wastelands that they really are.

You knew that, right?

I mean that its entirely likely that the average egg doesn’t contain the healthy amounts of retinyl palmitate and choline and pantothenic acid that it is supposed to because modern farming methods don’t provide chickens more than the bare minimum nutrition required to generate the maximum number of eggs.

Have you ever been cracking an egg and noticed that the shell fragments and feels a little papery?

One of the big arguments that the anti-fat people use is that ‘fat people should just not eat if they aren’t hungry’ and that would fix everything.

It wouldn’t fix anything. As a life long fat person I can tell you that I, and a good many of my fat friends, (with the exceptions of social occasions and horrible days, the same as thin people) don’t particularly eat when we aren’t hungry.We’re just hungry more. I’d find it very interesting if there were more research on why we’re more hungry and a little less focus on how to make us eat less.

I think its because there is no food in our food and some of us are more sensitive to that than others. And some are better at prolonged self deprivation than others, that’s certainly true.

I think we’re hungry because while there are plenty of fats and carbs and proteins in the food we can easily access, there aren’t nearly enough micronutrients, like trace minerals and complete fatty acids and vitamins. So we’re constantly looking, not for food, but for nutrition. There’s no shortage of nutrition-free food out there.

Seriously, how much nutrition can there be left in a hamburger that sells for 99 cents?


Comments on: "There is no food in our food." (3)

  1. Totally agree…
    Why though, do we crave carbs and certain junk foods? I don’t know of many people who crave a plate of salmon and steamed veggies… (apart from myself)

    • There are 2 main reasons to crave refined sugars and junk foods, and they’re actually related.
      1. Because you have a food sensitivity to whatever you are craving, which causes a major reaction from the adrenals and your brain chemistry.
      2. Because the sugar (and really, white flour is really just sugar as well) causes a jolt to your adrenals and gives you a flood of energy and general well-being.

      Whether the proximate cause is a food sensitivity or just tired adrenals, the effect is much the same, you get a drug like hit to your brain that feels good. In our 24/7 nownowNOW society, if we feel better this minute, its a good thing and hang the consequences an hour from now.
      When they call people ‘sugar junkies’ that’s exactly what they/we are. Hooked on the drug-like response.

      Its great that you’ve learned to hear your body tell you it would like some nutrition please and what kind of nutrients it would like. It’s a much quieter voice than the sugar junkie.
      Thanks for posting!

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