It only matters what works for you.

Even when its unlikely

Sometimes you find an answer that seems really unlikely, but it resonates with you. For example, how I figured out I was allergic to soy. I followed a bizarre hunch on a thin connection to a completely unlikely conclusion, and solved a serious problem.

I no longer hesitate to follow thin threads and unlikely conclusions. I test them a lot, but I don’t discount them.

I’ve had a new issue lately. I’ve recently relocated and my body doesn’t really like my new home. It rains a lot here. I’ve never been one to like the soft greys of a rainy day. Sign me up for glaring sunshine. It doesn’t help that its winter. We’ve all heard and read about Seasonal Affective Disorder. I started with that. I knew it was a problem. I have natural light bulbs everywhere I spend the most time. I sit in the sunshine outdoors whenever there is some. I take my Vit D along with the other recommended nutrients.

Is it possible to be allergic to the barometer?

Not the barometer, but to be seriously affected by the fluctuations, particularly the ones that cause it to go from a little grey to socked-in-fog-and-damp. Because whatever that is (yes yes, I’m gathering data, I just don’t have enough yet) it is seriously debilitating to me.

So I fired up my trusty Google and followed some unlikely links and read some not very scholarly articles and found some interesting, although not popular or much discussed, links.

Rats and psychiatric patients are documented to have more trouble with depression and more ‘incidents’ when the barometer is low. Those are actual scholarly papers. Among naturopaths and other alternative practitioners, including those practicing ‘integrative medicine*’, it is commonly recognized that low barometric pressures use up more cortisol. Completely undetectable in normal people, but a real problem for people with low adrenal function.

I’m already being treated for low adrenal function.

Now I have something to work with. Off the wall, but better than my complete lack of alternatives.

*integrative medicine is what they are calling it now when licensed MDs go off the reservation and start using alternative treatments and doing ‘weird things’ like going beyond the tests to help people who don’t feel well.



Comments on: "Even when its unlikely" (2)

  1. I totally agree; I was born with a slew of severe skin issues and it looked like the only option was to take pills, shots, creams etc. It took me about 25 years to realize there are other options out there…natural healing. That has helped me mitigate all my issues and I will never stray from these approaches ever again. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

    • Thanks for commenting. Its very frustrating that our society is all about treating the effect rather than working slowly through until we can find the cause. I probably could have tracked down my new doctor here in town and complained of being depressed and gotten a script for antidepressants in about 5 minutes, but what would that have gotten me? More messing with my head, less solving a physical problem.

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