It only matters what works for you.

Most people don’t you know. We listen to our friends and our media and our mothers and our doctors, but somehow we have forgotten how to listen to ourselves.

The last time you took a day off from the gym, did you say, ‘I’m dragging and sore and my body could use the rest?’ Or did you say ‘I can’t believe you’re such a lazy slacker?’

Are you a lazy slacker? Do you have a responsible job? Pay most of your bills? Keep your home reasonably tidy? Fulfill whatever responsibilities you’ve committed yourself to on behalf of your community? Raise your children? Walk your dog? If you answered “no” to most of those, you might be a lazy slacker, or you might have some other serious issue. I’m going to bet that most of you reading this answered yes to most of those. Along with an extensive mental list of things things that you still have to get to that I didn’t even cover.

So why is it that we’re so willing to vilify ourselves for needing a break?

I know that ‘excuses’ one day can be the downfall of your whole health regime, but is that really it? Or are we just full of negative self talk because that’s how society has trained us to think?

Last night I was out late for business. This morning I was tired. As I was trying to pep-talk myself into going for my scheduled time at the gym I managed to jam my toes right into the base of my office chair. Causing me to say several things you are free to ad lib.

Which caused me to take a moment to listen to myself. Not the swearing, but to my body. I was tired enough to be unusually clumsy. I was tired enough to hurt myself getting into a chair. What kind of damage am I likely to do at the gym with weights and awkward positions and unstable postures?


So I listened. Instead of the gym I figured out what gentle tasks could be done instead. Productive, but more calm.

Instead of calling myself a lazy slacker, I made a cup of camomile tea to drink while I work at my desk.

I’ll bet that tomorrow will be a better day for listening today.


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